Precision is critical in quality laser etching, laser engraving, and laser marking. Zap’O Marks has the experience and equipment to maintain consistent precision laser etching and laser engraving results that meet the high standards and repeatability for medical devices, aerospace, and military applications. Being centrally located in San Jose–right in the heart of the Bay Area–enables us to provide the laser marking and laser engraving services Northern California needs–with personal, attentive service to get the job done correctly.

Zap’O Marks management has over 24 years of experience in laser etching,laser marking, and laser engraving services. Combine that experience with the latest beam-steered laser technology, and we can help you get your product to market quickly. Our top quality video measuring scope enables us to view up to 50 millionths of an inch and repeatedly set up jobs within a few mils, if required. State-of-the-art laser etching and laser engraving equipment allows us to meet tight tolerances while maintaining consistent results.

Good records are kept to ensure even the most delicate of parts are handled and marked properly –every time.


Zap’O Marks’ flexible, short run, quick turnaround precision laser marking or laser engraving provides you with legible, clean, permanent marks on a variety of materials. Whether you need bar codes, UID (unique ID) 2D codes, part numbers, or company logos, Zap’O Marks can accommodate your requirements.

With integrated water-cooling systems and excellent filtration, our Bay Area facility provides a “greener” safe environment for our employees and the San Jose community.

Where other forms of marking can fade or wear away over time, using lasers for etching or marking can last a lifetime. Our laser engraving process provides a fast and effective abrasion-free and contact-free means of marking or etching many different materials and shaped surfaces. At Zap’O Marks, our top-of-the-line laser marking and laser engraving equipment delivers clean edges and fine detail, providing a superior quality laser mark with less waste.

Whether you are looking to mark or etch metal, plastic, glass, leather, or other surfaces, Zap’O Marks is equipped to serve your needs in our Bay Area  environmentally friendly and responsible facility.

For top quality laser marking and laser engraving services you can rely on, give us a call and request a quote for your next job today!

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