With a 2,015 square foot facility housing a variety of laser engraving equipment to suit all our customers’ laser engraving services needs, Zap’O Marks is positioned to be the Bay Area and Northern California’s laser etching job shop of choice.

State-of-the-art laser engraving equipment produces high quality, consistent, and repeatable results. To ensure your project’s success, our facility is equipped with:

  • 4 Control Laser galvo-steered marking systems

  • 1 Trotec 75 Watt, 29” x 17”, Flatbed CO2

  • 1 Optical Gaging Products Inc. SmartScope video measuring system,
       allowing us to view up to 50 millionths of an inch and repeatedly set up jobs within a few mils, as required.

  • 1 Haas 5C rotary indexer

  • 1 Sherline rotary indexer

  • 1 Application-specific, custom built dual rotary

  • 1 NEAT 21” x 21” XY table

  • 1 NEAT 15” x 15” XY table

To provide a safe workplace environment that is responsible, and to stay abreast with the latest technologies, we are continually adding new developments such as:

  • An AEC 6-ton closed loop water chiller

  • A TBH evacuation unit with carbon, HEPA, particle, and aluminum filters

  • An Airflow® Systems, Inc. evacuation unit with particle and carbon filters

At Zap’O Marks, we invest in our people and equipment to assure a long and safe future. Our integrated water cooling system and filtering system enable us to provide laser etching and laser engraving services while maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

Need assistance on your design or product? Positioned in the Bay Area, our location ensures that you have easy access to our skilled and knowledgeable staff. From materials consulting, to finite details on your engraving, Zap’O Marks is equipped to deliver your entire custom laser etching project.

Call us today. We promise laser engraving services with consistent results–every time.

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